We’ll always get the rates. But a best-fit mortgage is paramount to lasting client satisfaction.

There are options when it comes to getting your mortgage, but they are not all completely equal.





We work for our client, not any one lender. We find the best mortgage available for you based on your needs.

Mortgage specialists are employed by the bank, so, that obviously drives their motivation.






As a broker, we have access to mortgage products from over 50 lenders, including most major banks. So, we have a great range of options for you to choose from.

Thanks to our volume of mortgages, we have negotiating power with lenders. We can often even get a better rate from your bank. And we’re aware of rate promotions and special products available in the marketplace at all times.

We like to keep in touch, after your mortgage closes and through the years of your mortgage. We’ll have annual reviews and as your needs shift, we’ll tailor your mortgage plan so it continues to fit current goals. Promotions and special products are available in the marketplace at all times.

In the future, whether you’re looking to consolidate debt, buy your next home, pay off your mortgage faster, or invest in property, we’ll be there to provide ongoing advice specific to your needs.

No cost. We are paid by the lender that funds your mortgage.

The bank will only offer you what they have available from their own line of products and rates.


The banks will mail you an annual statement and a notice for your mortgage renewal. That’s it.


The bank has set rates and products. They won’t shop around for a better deal. They won’t explore all the options.


Advice may not be available and mortgage renewals are often handled by order takers, who may not be licensed mortgage specialists.


No cost. The people who negotiate your mortgage are paid by the bank.